Places to Pay Attention to When Cleaning

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House cleaning can be such a chore, and it’s not surprising if you just want to speed things up. But that’s the biggest mistake you can do when house cleaning. You have to do things right when cleaning the house. Even professional house cleaners are expected to pay attention to the places listed below when cleaning other people’s homes.  

So whenever you’re cleaning your home, it is important that you pay extra attention to these places. These are actually the most neglected areas that even house cleaners tend to miss. These are the following:  

  1. Top areas 

All those hard-to-reach areas and high-up spots tend to be missed when cleaning. Tell the cleaners that you expect the top of large appliances, like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers to be dust-free. Same goes true for the topmost parts of the shelves, cabinets, doors, and windows. 

  1. The areas underneath

Aside from the top, you should be concerned about the places underneath as well. One of the most often overlook places in a home is those parts beneath the oven and refrigerator. These places should be free of dust, grime, and dirt. Cleaning these areas can help you save on costly appliance repairs later on.  

  1. Baseboards

Cleaning the baseboards are also missed, especially if you’re in a hurry. Actually, you have to clean these areas at least once every week. It’s not too difficult to wipe your baseboards with a damp cloth every so often.  

  1. Cleaning supplies

You always use those cleaning supplies to clean and scrub your home. But have you stopped and check if they’re clean enough to do the job? Toilet brushes, feather dusters, cleaning cloths, and sponges have to be clean for them to effectively clean anything. Even your vacuum cleaner needs periodic maintenance as well. If you sanitize your cleaning supplies, the results will be more than you expected.  

  1. Ceiling fans

If it’s cold outside, then you may not be using your ceiling fans at all. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not accumulating dirt and dust. That’s the reason why it is often neglected. It’s true that ceiling fans are a little too high for you to reach, but they have to be cleaned just the same. Check if the blades of the ceiling fan are starting to accumulate dirt. That’s when it needs some cleaning.  

  1. Electronics

Nobody thinks that all those small electronics you use every day need to be cleaned as well. Those gaming devices could be full of germs and you don’t know it. The same is true for the TV remote controls, cellphones, keyboards, and mouse. Cleaning and disinfecting them regularly can help stop the spread of diseases during the flu season.  

  1. Doorknobs and light switches 

You know very well that your hands are the most potent receiver and transmitter of diseases. Anything you touch could be compromised. Be sure that you sanitize door knobs and light switches regularly, as they are the parts that are most touched around the house.  

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